the Grace way

We went from raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars using The Grace Way. Praise God! READ OUR STORY HERE…

In 2013 Eli Regalado, our Founder and President left his career as a business consultant to start Mad Hatter Agency. A viral growth digital marketing agency that specialized in launching companies.

Very quickly Kickstarter became the launch platform of choice. Over the next five years, Mad Hatter Agency launched hundreds of companies and even launched the world’s best-selling crowdfunding marketing course.

However, about 2 years ago Eli began seeing a change in his business as his relationship with God developed. He stopped worrying about trying to get every little detail right and started resting in God’s Grace for wisdom.

The result? Mad Hatter went from raising an average of $100-$400k per campaign to $1,000,000 – $4,000,000 all in a matter of a few months! This is all thanks to God’s Grace, because of Him each campaign we launch gets better and better.

We know that not everyone will believe what we believe and that is fine. However, we do believe you’ll agree with our principles which include:

+Integrity & Influence

+We lead by serving

+Do your best with the resources you have available

+Always give thanks

+Treat others with the Grace that God has given you

+Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible!

In December of 2020, we changed our name from Mad Hatter Agency to Grace Led Marketing to reflect these values and to give thanks to God for blessing our clients and us so abundantly.

If you’re reading this message, we’d welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today to learn how our business can assist in launching yours to a huge and mighty success!

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