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We got started as a crowdfunding agency and that’s where we have the most fun! We’ve helped our clients raise millions on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with our crowdfunding process. Don’t have the cash to hire someone?

Check our our online course with over 12,000 students!

Digital Marketing

Crowdfunding is only a small part of what we do but the digital mar If you want to increase your online sales we can set your business on fire with ads, viral loops, growth hacking and more! We are online growth hacking specialists NOT small business and small minded marketers.

Design Services

Chances are you need some design help. We do that too. We offer web design, graphic design, video scripting, shooting, and editing. Basically whatever you need to look good online we provide.

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To all of our wonderful clients and contacts,

As 2020 draws to a close we wanted to give a few updates.

First off, Mad Hatter Agency has officially changed its name to Grace Led Marketing.  While the world spun like a top, this has been our most profitable year yet and it’s all due to God’s grace.  We recognize that and have therefore renamed our company accordingly.  
Second, our team has grown substantially.  We now have 11 Grace Led team members working on every aspect of marketing for our clients.  If 2020 was great, we thrilled to see what the influx of experience and wisdom brings.  
We’ve had restructuring as well.  Kurt Turner has stepped into role as CEO. He will be overseeing and driving the company forward. Eli Regalado, our founder has stepped into the role as president and will focus on fostering the 11 member team into the leaders they already are.  
Finally, we just wanted to say thank you.  If you’re reading this update we believe you have been put into our life for a reason and we’re honored to work alongside you.  
All the best,
Eli Regalado 
President / Founder
Grace Led Marketing